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once again, sinclair are cunts.

I do apologise for the tone of this entry, but i don't feel well at all, so im going to shout at you.

They've managed to give us less than 26hours notice to sort various things they've decided arent tidy about the house, at least, i think they have , the idiots can't even mention a date properly, and have tomorrow as the 4th of Feb. They allude to some mysterious other letter that i've not seen and which presumably has more detailed information on what they want sorting.

Im going back to bed, as i feel terrible, but if someone could yell at the cunts and point out that that level of notice isnt acceptable, especially with housemates on holiday etc, that'd be good.

on the cleaning side of things

-We seem to have been a bit lazy with regard to the last house inspection. That is, I can spot a zillion things no-one bothered to clean, like say, the kitchen at all, or do any hoovering apart from their rooms. They do give us adequate notice to clean things, but we always leave it to the last minute.

Also, as a house we aren't good enough at keeping the place clean, let alone tidy. I mean christ, there's been a plastic cup in the entrance hall since NEWS YEARS EVE PEOPLE. How hard is it for someone to pick that up and bin it ? come on people.

-The lounge needs something doing. I did hoover it prior to the inspection, but it tends to fill up with things that could and should be tidied up/away properly.

-The only stairs anyone has bothered to hoover in months are the last time I did the downstairs ones. Yes, that does mean everyone else is at fault. I hate to have to point this out, but as I understand it, i'm not responsible for cleaning those stairs, and with 4 of you using them all the time, it's pretty lame of no-one to go over them with the hoover. It only takes 10 minutes, and anyone can see it needs doing and has done for months. Both of the upper landings and stairs need doing.

-The kitchen needs a big cleaning, we could do with ditching all the recyling stuff, as that is no doubt one of their items, but again, we can't do that without a car, and hence Kendrick. Matters havent been helped by said Kendrick leaving a shitload of washing up there and then going on holiday. Don't do that again, or I will kill you.
It's unhygenic at best, not to mention annoying and inconsiderate. It's not as if the 5 minutes it takes to do your own washing up really spoils your day. And yes, i know I'm not always the best at this, but I do tend to not block the whole kitchen with crap every time I've cooked, which frankly, you do.
I don't like having to point this out, and you aren't the only guilty party , but your the one i notice most, sorry.
(If you were here, i'd rather have spoken to you about this, but you arent, currently).

-I have no idea at all what to do about the backyard stuff.
sans automobile, the other option is carrying it to the skip, which won't be fun.
I can't find any information on the council site to help either. Answers on a postcard.

Please don't bitch at me about this entry, I'm not really interested in arguing with you about our (lack of) cleanliness, I just want to get this sorted out so that we don't have to pay sinclair lots of money unnecessarily.
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